About Me

Hi There, I’m Tara! I’m infamously single, but in a fabulous relationship that I wouldn’t change for anything for over 17 years! We must be doing something right. I was advised to go to culinary school by my high school counselor because I wanted to be a wedding consultant, not quite sure why. Evidently, it was a good thing, because it was there I developed my love for cooking and baking. I owned a cake pop shop for just over 3 years. When I am not cooking or baking I am indulging in my new hobby making burlap or deco mesh wreaths. I am obsessed with everything hearts, Target, Starbucks, great skincare products and fashion. Oh and currently I have so many throw pillows I need to remove some when company comes, that’s normal, right? I need to skip that section of Home Good when I go there, which is way too often, but so much fun!

I love trying new recipes and will share them with you on here and on my Instagram so make sure you are following on there! I love a great sale and am always eager to share them with you too!

Thank you for taking this journey with me, and I thank you for following along! If you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to reach out.