Throwing My Mom's 70th In Style

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A couple months back I was trying to figure out what to do for my mom’s 70th birthday. I wanted to make it special but she didn’t want a big party. For her 60th, I took her to the Ritz Carlton and we had a major girls weekend. We did everything from makeovers to spa treatments.

This year instead of just going to a restaurant and buying a birthday cake, I went all in. My boyfriend has one day off a week and her birthday fell on that day! Did I mention he is a trained French chef? Score! My mom absolutely loves his wild mushroom cream sauce, so I knew that would be on the menu. Let’s face it, everyone who has tried it wants to drink it by the gallon.

When I had my cake pop company my mom would want me to bring her buttercream, she would put it between two cookies and eat it. My top secret French buttercream was of course going to have to make an appearance! I made a 3 layer chocolate cake a week in advance and thoroughly wrapped it and froze it! That really gave me a lot more time for everything else I had to prepare. When you freeze a cake, it keeps it just as fresh and moist as if you had made it that day. 

Three layer chocolate cake with French Buttercream made by me!

The very first thing I ordered was the gold foil balloons, so I based my color scheme around that. She loves coral and that goes so well with gold. When I started thinking about party favors, I thought about a party I had been to a long time ago. They had ‘Red Neck Wine Glasses’. If you’ve not seen these, they are red solo cups adorned to a candle stick. I liked the idea but wanted to take it up a notch. I thought mason jars were perfect, but still a little boring. So I bought fine rose gold glitter and made them sparkle! One day at one of my many stops at Hobby Lobby I saw these little rub on ‘Happy Birthday’ tags in gold. There was like 16 in a package for $1.99! I quickly learned the mason jars also double as a martini shaker! Perfect for my dirty martini loving mom! The vases were also coated in the rose gold glitter to match the tablescape. I just love the menus we made too! The paper was from Michael’s scrapbooking section.


The tag matched the menu and had each persons name tied on it with twine.

These gorgeous Lilies matched perfectly.  

Birthdays have to have balloons!

I usually don’t like paper straws, but come on these just matched too perfect!

I wish I got more photos of the food!


Everyone had an amazing time, and loved all the details. Its always so much fun to organize a party! Do you guys like to plan parties or would you rather have someone else do it? I’d love to hear your thoughts!




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